Monochord Table

by feeltone
Our new  redesigned Monochord table got a major tune up, for shipping the legs can be taken off and the monochord packs into a 80x35x35 box.

We have designed a new Monochord Table with a sophisticated internal body that brings more brilliant overtones and a brighter bass and vibration. The tuning stability is 100% when the client’s weight is on the table.

The reclining surface from ash is softly bend, which soothes the back. The resonance body from ash is bend in two directions what supports the sound brilliance. The frame, feet and the cross bar can be chosen from either ash or from nicely reddish colored cherry.

The body weight is just 45 kg and especially light. With 60 kg total weight it can be carried easily by two people. It is designed for people with up to 150 kg weight. The tuning can be chosen either in 60 blank overtone strings or in 30 blank overtone strings and 30 wound bass strings. Basic size 79.2'' x 28'' x 32''.

New added accessories and choices to personalize your Monochord table.

     •     Adapter for a Headrest set or a Headrest set with integrated Armrest.

     •     Add on for the Armrest set - a table to place singing bowls on top of it so the sound and vibration gets transferred into the Table

     •     Extensions to make the table longer and wider.

     •     Integrated bottom shelf extra large to hold personal items , or singing bowls. If you play the singing bowls sitting on the shelf the vibration gets transferred into the table

     •      Rolling Sitting board, on which you can place a meditation cushion and use the board to move easily from one position to another so you can utilize the full length of the strings and the different overtones that are created when you play the table in different positions.

Please contact me if you have questions and I will help you to chose the right accessories for the work you are intending to do. The quoted price below is for the KLL-2 Overtone & Vibration Monochord table in ash wood without any add ons.


this is what some of our Customers have to say about the Monochord Table:

The power of sound has the ability to penetrate our cells, our hearts, our souls, our minds and it may ignite your own body's healing abilities. It can assists us in awakening to our true selves and help us remember who we truly are; beautiful & powerful beings of love and light. Meet my new monochord table. It has 60 strings underneath. .... To experience a sound session with my new monochord table is an experience like no other you can imagine.

Vanessa C. Miami FL