Tenor Padouk Tongue drum - tuned D-minor

by feeltone

XXL-Tongue Drums are suitable for kids and adults to sit at both ends of the body and play together. The large Tongue Drums have feet on one side which makes it possible to flip the drum over, so a child or grown up (larger Drum) can lay on top. The playing surface than is on the side and can be played. In both positions this melody drum can be played with mallets or hands and fingers.

All Couch-Tongue Drums have grip holes on the side for better transportation.

The small Tenor Tongue drum is suited especially for kids so they can express and release their energy through drumming. You can have two children sitting on top of the drum facing each other and they can play the drum together creating a Sound Rhythm play. For a relaxing or stimulating experience you can flip the drum over and the child can lie on top of the drum and the caretaker can play the side.

T-8TP-100 Tenor Tongue Drum, Ash with 8 tones, D-minor  

Sounding panel in padouk wood, corpus in pine wood   Size: 40  x 12 x 14“, incl. 2 mallets and hygrometer.