Tenor Ash Tongue drum - tued d-minor

by feeltone

Ash open tuned XXL Tongue Drums made out of sustainable harvested local ash   careful handcrafted in our own workshop, the drums are open tuned.

Open tuning : not tuned to a special note but tuned so all tongues can be played together and will soud great. The Tenor Drum has a higher pitch and is smaller than the Bass Drum ( low bass pitch), Both drums have the side feet so the drum can be played standing upright or flipped over to the side.

The small Tenor Tongue drum is suited especially for kids so they can express and release their energy through drumming. You can have two children sitting on top of the drum facing each other and they can play the drum together creating a Sound Rhythm play. For a relaxing or stimulating experience you can flip the drum over and the child can lie on top of the drum and the caretaker can play the side.


Two different versions available:

T-8TE-100 Tenor Tongue Drum, Ash with 8 tones, D-minor  


Sounding panel in ash wood, corpus in pine wood   Size: 40  x 12 x 14“, incl. 2 mallets and hygrometer.