KoTaMO Concert Monochord - three in one Tanpura, koto and monochord

by feeltone
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Three in one! The monochord combined with koto and tambura on two sides.
Monochord with 28 overtone strings (c) and 2 bass strings (C) on one side,
the Koto with 12 Koto strings (in c) and
the Tambura with 4 strings (C, c, c, G) on the other side,
This instrument can be played in an upright or horizontal position.
Kotamo Monochords for Concerts and Performance
All Monochords now have an enhanced corpus size combined with a  changed interior structure as well as more  and special strings that  effectuates a brilliant and long lingering sound.
All monochords are made of ash- and cherrywood.
White pearls can be used to pitch the tone quick and easy for fine-tuning.
All Monochords come with tuning key, tuner, replacement strings.
Our larger Monochords the Concert Monochord , the Octave Monochord and the Big Concert Monochord can be played in two positions standing upright or laying down.
If you strum the strings close to the bridge they are very overtone rich and in the middle they sound more equal, comparable to a gong.  In the beginning there only seems to be one tone but with a relaxed mind you are able to listen to all the variety of tones and overtones which weave a wistful and invisible melody.
If you sit in front of the upright self-standing instrument you can play it on both sides with both hands at the same time. The sound volume is created between the upper body of the player and the instrument and can create a rhythm, or be meditative and gong-like.