Hokema Kalimba Classic

by Hokema Kalimbas
Kalimba Classic
The nine-tone set of tines is tuned to an a-minor pentatonic scale. As all the notes harmonise with each other, beginners also enjoy immediate success with their instrument.
Tuning ex works (can be varied): d ́ ́,a ́,e ́,c ́,a,d ́,g ́,c ́ ́,e ́ ́

It all began with the Kalimba Klassik. At that time our only product was simply called ‘Kalimba’. Today, however, we offer a range of different versions and so we have renamed the original instrument ‘Kalimba Klassik’.
Like all HOKEMA Kalimbas, the Klassik can easily be played from the start. By plucking the tines with the thumbs, melodies can be composed immediately and creatively varied.
We have been producing this instrument for over 20 years. While the outward appearance has hardly changed, we have constantly worked on improving details.

The underside of the cherry wood body has two fingerholes which produce a vibrato effect when covered/uncovered.
 American black cherry wood
Measurements: 7.6 x 6 x 2.4 inch