Bass Padouk Tongue Drum- tuned A-minor

by feeltone

 These big  bass drums with tuned tongues and strong vibration were created especially for music therapistsThe drum can be turned on its side and a child or adult can lay down onto the surface.

They are also very popular in kindergarten, schools and all kinds of therapeutic institutions.

Playing them to learn about rhythm, for communication training (two or more persons) or to get in contact with the body through vibration. 

All XXL-Tongue Drums have grip holes on the side for better transportation.

The selected and air-dried Padouk wood from Nigeria comes from controlled and certified farming and harvesting. Certificate on request. (Incl. Mallet.)

BassTongue Drum with 8 tones, ,A minor pentat. A`CDEGAcd.

(similar as the Big Boom)

Sounding panel in padouk wood, corpus in pine wood.
Size: 47 x 16 x 18“, incl. 2 mallets and hygrometer.



This is what some of our client have to say about our drums.


"I am always eager to discover new and interesting slants on existing instrument ideas. The quality and endurance of this Tongue Drum makes it a great addition to my arsenal of instruments and sound colours, as well as being a fun source for children and the elderly to easily execute their curiosity".

Evelyn Glennie, Percussionist, Scotland