Bass Ash Tongue drum: A-minor

by feeltone

Ash wood, XXL Tongue Drums made out of sustainable harvested local ash careful handcrafted in our own workshop, the drums are  available either tuned a-minor.


B-8TE-120 BassTongue Drum,with 8 tones, A-minor

Sounding panel in ash wood, corpus in pine wood   Size: 47 x 16 x 18“, incl. 2 mallets and hygrometer.

This is what our customer have to say about our drums:

I am always eager to discover new and interesting slants on existing instrument ideas. The quality and endurance of this Tongue Drum makes it a great addition to my arsenal of instruments and sound colours, as well as being a fun source for children and the elderly to easily execute their curiosity". Evelyn Glennie, Percussionist, Scotland