Monochord Therapy Instruments

feeltone Monochord Therapy furniture are natural acoustic instruments combined with beautiful everyday furniture, developed for music therapy, sound massage and relaxation in professional and private settings. The guest can experience deep relaxation through sound and vibration in short settings or long sound "journeys."

These special instruments were developed by Ingo Böhme. They are the result of 30 years of experimenting with sound, working with therapists of all kinds, and expressing the vision that sound can be rediscovered as an intuitive power that supports our general well-being, our health, and our healing processes.

Monochord Table

Monochord Table

by feeltone
Our new  redesigned Monochord table got a major tune up, for shipping the legs can be taken off and the monochord packs into a 80x35x35 box.

We have designed a new Monochord Table with a sophisticated internal body that brings more brilliant overtones and a brighter bass and vibration. The tuning stability is 100% when the client’s weight is on the table.

The reclining surface from ash is softly bend, which soothes the back. The resonance body from ash is bend in two directions what supports the sound brilliance. The frame, feet and the cross bar can be chosen from either ash or from nicely reddish colored cherry.

The body weight is just 45 kg and especially light. With 60 kg total weight it can be carried easily by two people. It is designed for people with up to 150 kg weight. The tuning can be chosen either in 60 blank overtone strings or in 30 blank overtone strings and 30 wound bass strings. Basic size 79.2'' x 28'' x 32''.

New added accessories and choices to personalize your Monochord table.

     •     Adapter for a Headrest set or a Headrest set with integrated Armrest.

     •     Add on for the Armrest set - a table to place singing bowls on top of it so the sound and vibration gets transferred into the Table

     •     Extensions to make the table longer and wider.

     •     Integrated bottom shelf extra large to hold personal items , or singing bowls. If you play the singing bowls sitting on the shelf the vibration gets transferred into the table

     •      Rolling Sitting board, on which you can place a meditation cushion and use the board to move easily from one position to another so you can utilize the full length of the strings and the different overtones that are created when you play the table in different positions.

Please contact me if you have questions and I will help you to chose the right accessories for the work you are intending to do. The quoted price below is for the KLL-2 Overtone & Vibration Monochord table in ash wood without any add ons.


this is what some of our Customers have to say about the Monochord Table:

The power of sound has the ability to penetrate our cells, our hearts, our souls, our minds and it may ignite your own body's healing abilities. It can assists us in awakening to our true selves and help us remember who we truly are; beautiful & powerful beings of love and light. Meet my new monochord table. It has 60 strings underneath. .... To experience a sound session with my new monochord table is an experience like no other you can imagine.

Vanessa C. Miami FL


Soundwave in Ash
from $5,450.00

Soundwave in Ash

Soundwave in Ash

by feeltone

The Soundwave with ergonomic reclining area combines a 40 stringed Monochord  (c / c‘) and a Bass Tongue Drum with 4 tones in A, B, d, e. 
Corpus ash and beech
Overall dimension: 75 x 23 x 29“ ergonomic reclining area (53 x 25 "),

special order 3 inch wider reclining areas 75x23x 32 (53 x 28) are possible on request.
Accessories: Including a mallet, tuning key, tuner, replacement strings & hygrometer.
now with sustainable  harvested european ash and beach

The quoted price below is for the Monochord & Drum version but we build custom versions please contact us for a price quote 

Configure your own version: 
- Monochord side only
- Drum side only
- Monochord & Drum side
- extra wide  reclining area 28 inches instead of 25
- flat (with face hole) or curved surface
More about the Soundwave
This unique instrument was invented by Ingo Böhme (feeltone products) in 2003. Since then it started its way around the world.
Like a boat surfing on waves of sound and vibration, the Soundwave is carrying you safe and secure on your journey. The combination of a 40 string monochord touching body and mind and a tongue drum with four deep, grounding tones opens up a new world for sound practioners.
The soundwave is used worldwide in many different settings. For meditation and well-being; including its power in diverse therapeutic treatments and clinical scientific studies.


This is what some of our clients have to say about the soundwave:


At the Hospital I am working, I had the possibility to work with the sound wave with stroke patients and patients that had surgery. The patients with limbs that were numb who did get treatment with the Sound wave recovered faster and regained permanent sensibility in their limbs much faster than patients that were not treated.

Music Therapist, Music Fair Frankfurt.



Padouk Soundwavd - Monochord and Drum Save 2%

Padouk Soundwavd - Monochord and Drum

by feeltone
Save 2%

Our classic Padouk Soundwave, since 2003  , now with sustainable harvested Padouk 40 Monochord strings & 4 Tone Bass drum

This unique instrument was invented by Ingo Böhme (feeltone products) in 2003 and now used worldwide

Like a boat surfing on waves of sound and vibration, the Soundwave is carrying you safe and secure on your journey. The combination of a 40 string monochord( base note C)  touching body and mind and a tongue drum with four deep, grounding tones (A, B, d, e) opens up a new world for sound practioners.


This unique instrument was invented by Ingo Böhme (feeltone products) in  

Dimension: 75 x 28 x 25“ ergonomic reclining area (53x25), wider reclining areas (53x31)on request. Designed so you can use a standard yoga matt on top of the surface.

Extra Accessories: Clip on table for Singing Bowls and Kalimbas, transport device, stool.

The soundwave is used worldwide in many different settings. For meditation and well-being; including its power in diverse therapeutic treatments and clinical scientific studies.


Padouk Soundwave

40 stringed Monochord (sound range B - d / b - d‘)                                                       4 tone Bass Tongue Drum   in A, B, d, e. 

Material: corpus of beechwood, the sounding panels made of  sustainable harvested padoukwood                                                                                                              Overall dimension: 74.8 x 28 x 24.4“

Accessories: Including a mallet, tuning key, tuner, replacement strings & hygrometer.

This is what some of our customer have to say about the soundwave:


The sound wave is such a complete and powerful instrument. The four notes of the tongue drum each address an other part of the body. The big tongue drum therefore is a perfect instrument to start a session with. It allows you to 'feel' and tune into the person. By playing the tongue drum you can invite your customer to slow down his breathing and heart rhythm. A steady drum rhythm can bring you and/or your customer in a trance. The monochord is very different from the drum. It creates smooth, rich sound waves that take you on a journey within. You may experience a deep sense of relaxation, see shapes or colors, hear choirs, flutes, horns or other kinds of instruments or feel deeply rooted emotions. I often use the soundwave for people with emotional stress. It helps opening up doors, gates previously kept locked. 

- Patrik Niels - soundtherapist - (Belgium) 




monchair - Monochord Singing Chair

monchair - Monochord Singing Chair

by feeltone

monchair effectively supports your therapeutical work with joy and delight.

Easy to play and everyone can use it intuitively without any prior musical experience. Approaching the chair with a gentle and supportive attitude can bring joy and healing to your client. The singing chair monchair will captivate you with its elegant appearance and design. It is the perfect fit for a variety of locations, such as: modern offices, clinics, therapeutic facilities, private practices, wellness center and in your very own home.

You can choose between 2 tunings for the 40 strings:

·     Monochord tuning - 18 overtone strings d and 22 bass strings D

·     Tambura tuning – sets of 4 strings A d d D repeated 10 time


·     fully assembled: 27,6” x 26” x 50”

·     package size : 52,4” x 25 x 8

·     weight : 59 pounds (27 kg)



·     weight capacity 330 lbs

·     stable design, to avoid over-stimulation of the equilibrium through combining the  effects  of the vibration of sound with the movement of the chair (rocking, swinging)

·     ergonomically designed seat

·     interchangeable, firmly mounted seat covers

·     high adjustable neck rest

·     all surfaces are treated with organic oils

·     German designed and manufactured.

·     easy to assemble

·     small transport volume

This is what some of our customers have to say about our Monochord Chair

The feeltone Monchord Singing Chair has served as an important instrument to the patients we serve at The Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center.

There are numerous patients who have benefited from the breath glissando release sounds I use accompanied by the string glissando-from low to high and then absorption…where the strings resonate and saturate through the warm wood into the body. In a general way, this warm up takes only about five minutes and creates “flow” and a sense of “homeostasis” or “self integration” or “synchrony between the body-mind-spirit” as one of my pianist musician players often says.


There are two patients who have particularly benefited from the vibration  .. please go to our blog to read more about the study

Joanne Loewy DA, LCAT, MT-BC



Monolina  Monochord - For the Musician on the Go!

    • Comes tuned in A, C, D or F  
    • 34 strings, bass overtone fifth
    • 5 Koto bridges
    • Universal template for minor or major tuning
    • Use it for mediation, sound massage, concerts
    • Place on the body for a sound massage

Combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning.

Lightweight and versatile, this monochord is designed so anyone can pick it up and play, while also suitable for concert performances.

Use for sound bathing, sound mediation or to accompany singing.

Thanks to the light weight you can also use the Monolina therapeutically as a “body monochord.”

Monolina in C: 24 overtone strings in C`, 5 bass strings in C, and 5 strings in fifth G. Rich overtones tending to major.

Monolina in A: 24 overtone strings in A, 5 bass strings in A, and 5 strings in fifth E (Tanpura tuning).  Rich overtones tending to minor.

Monolina in F: 24 overtone strings in F, 5 bass strings in F, and 5 strings in fifth C (Tanpura tuning). Vibration in abundance.

Monolina in D: 24 overtone strings in D, 5 bass strings in D, and 5 strings in fifth A (Tanpura tuning).  Strong bass with strong vibration.

View this video for a tutorial on tuning the Monlina 



What our customers are saying...

"The Monolini is a beautifully crafted intuitive instrument that is perfect for sound healing with vocal improv groups because it creates a magical music bed over which delicious harmonies can be created. It so easily produces enchanting  overtones that a person playing it can simultaneously sit in a meditative state and keep the strings sounding with little effort. People are incredibly drawn to this lovely portable monochord whenever I give workshops."

- Joule L'adara, founder of Sounding Circles LLC


"As a music therapist, I know about the incredible therapeutic value of sound and vibration. I uses the monochord to begin and end her yoga classes, massage therapy sessions, and guided meditations. Because we synchronize with our sonic environment- a principle called "entrainment"- the monochord is a powerful tool that induces a parasympathetic response, reducing heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, pulse and brainwave activity. It facilitates a shift from the busy thinking and doing states to a calm feeling and being state, thereby promoting relaxation and preparing her clients to enter and receive deep healing through yoga, bodywork and meditation."

- Katarina Zech, Board Certified Music Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Meditation Guide. 

What can you do with a Monolina:


Ingo boehme impression with Monolina #feeltone #soundbath #monolina #monochord #soundmediation

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How to work with our Template and inserting the 5 Bridges click on the video and it will bring you to the part of the video showing you the HOW to


Our Monolina's are great companions for performances. Here the Monolina A ( tuned to G) and Monolina D at the Soundbath event at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco with Lydia Hwang.  


Singing Chair Classic

Singing Chair Classic

by feeltone

The classical Singing Chair offers a sturdy design, which is particularly suitable for facilities. The „ears“ of the chair create a special resonance chamber, giving the client the feeling of being embraced and protected.

Therapeutic instrument for private practices, clinics, wellness centers to offices.
Delivery without pictured armrests (these can be ordered separately, article No .: ARM)

Tuning: 2 x 30 strings, sound range B - d / b - d‘.

Material: Multiplex wood

Overall dimension 56 x 24 x 32 ",

Seat measure inside 22" x 16", backrest measure inside 38.8" x 22"

About the singing chair

You sit inside the resonance body of the  Singing chair / Sound Chair which has a 60 string monochord integrated into the back of the chair. The back of the singing chair is strung with 30 blank and 30 wound strings which are tuned with one octave in between. They can be tuned differently by using the additional bridge inserts from the Monochord line. This instrument allows an unlimited exploration of sound.


The „ears“ of the chair create a special resonance chamber and give you the feeling of being embraced and protected by sound and music.

When the  monochord is played rich sounds with melodious overtones and vibrations are created by the strings. The sound and vibration is transferred through the wood of the chair into your body. From head to toe and into your fingertips and the palm of your hand.

The full body experience of sound and vibration allows you to relax and the vibrational sound massage allows you to become aware of tensions that might exist in your body.  

As you become aware of your tension you can activly let go of them and be guided by the practitioner in that process of transforming tensions into into relaxation, realization and change
Inviting a state of calmness. You can read more about the effects of the Singing Chair in the user feedback section.

The back bottom of the singing chair has two wheels , you can tip the chair backwards and the wheels allow you to move the chair easily.

The Singing Chair can be used in many different settings, age groups and for different populations, anyone who can sit down in a chair can experience the Singing chair.  

Available in two tunings:

monochord tuning allows you to create a more nuanced play.
30 overtone & 30 bass strings, sound range B - d / b - d‘. Overall dimension 56 x 24 x 32 

There are 22 bass strings tuned to D and 18 overtone strings tuned to the higher octave in d. This allows the player more creative possibilities to excite the fine and subtle overtones. You can vary and either focus on the deeper tones, which have more vibrations, or play the higher strings to create more overtones.

tambura tuning is easy to play.
60 strings. Sets of 4 strings C,c,c,G repeated 15 times.Overall dimension 56 x 24 x 32 

If you string the strings evenly with your fingers you will create overtones which have rich harmonics. The repeated sequences (monchiar: D, d, d, A / Classical Sound Chair: C, c, c,G) create a rich sound environment. This might embraces and hold you in a relaxing environment without any prior training.

An instrument with tambura tuning is great for places exposed to new people all the time, who want to play and enjoy easily. Great to use in settings like offices, hotels, wellness and care facilities.

Your hands and palms are resting comfortably on the armrests.

The two armrests can be moved in different positions and adjust to the individual arm length and the ball to rest the hand, giving the whole arm and the inside of the palm a vibrational sound massage and stimulation.                                      Size: 14 x 6.8 x 4.8''  $366

















The instrument is built to order and available in approximately 1 month after order received.

To have a comfortable sitting experience we recommend our Seat cushion and  Neckrest. $235 for the set






Monolini - 4 Flavors

Monolini - 4 Flavors

by feeltone

Body monochord for sound massages - light and gentle
The smooth form of the body of the Monolini adapts with ease to the different human body forms. Our smallest body monochord spreads the sound gentle and quickly from the area it touches the body into the body itself.
In 4 tunings available!                                                                                                   Corpus: Ash & cherry
Measure: 28.4 x 8.3 x 4.3“, 1.9 kg.
Accessories: Including tuning key, replacement strings, sticks and tuner. 
Monolini in C     The basic tuning of the 11 overtone strings in c`, 5 bass strings in c and 5 strings in fifth g. Combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning and, optional, melody.  Rich overtones character tending to major.

Monolini in A   The basic tuning of the 11 overtone strings in a, 5 bass strings in A and 5 strings in fifth e (Tanpura tuning). This Monochord combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning and, optional, melody.  Rich overtones character tending to minor.

Monolini in F  The basic tuning of the 11 overtone strings in f, 5 bass strings in F and 5 strings in fifth c (Tanpura tuning). This Monochord combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning and, optional, melody.  Vibration and abundance.
Monolini in D The basic tuning of the 11 overtone strings in d, 5 bass strings in D and 5 strings in fifth a (Tanpura tuning).  This Monochord combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning and, optional, melody.  Strong bass with strong vibration.

With its slightly rounded bottom and a weight of only 1.9 kg  , you can lay the monochords on the back, stomach or legs for sound massage.
Beautiful to play for meditation or for use in therapy and sound massage; easily to be transported. Rich overtones, charakter tending to major.


Here is what one of our customer has to say about the Monolini's:

 I have been working with the Body Monochord from feeltone ( the previous Model of the Monolini Serie) since over 6 years in therapeutic settings as a Music and Sound therapist. The cliental I am working with are persons with severe multiple disabilities, dementia patients and persistent vegetative state patients.

The new Monolini Quint Monochord offer me to further extend these areas of application. What convinced me above all else was the exceptional structural shape of the new models. ( Monolini, Monolina). This shape allows me and my client to position the instrument easily and exactly onto the chosen  part of the body, which is not possible with other kinds of body monochords.

Especially for people  with severe multiple disabilities , who can not assume a normal laying down position because of their handicaps, it is important to be able to position the body monochord exactly at a chosen body space with ease.

This monochord will not slide when it is played, which will happen with other models that I did try out. The built of the Monolini/Monlina  allows me to optimally play and place it on a variety of body sizes, forms and positions.

The Monolin Quinten monochord stands out with its brilliant sound. This small and lightweight monochord has an unusual large sound volume, which pleasantly surprised me. Because of its different tuning and variation of its string, it allows me to create different moods and effects with my clients.

 The beautiful craftsmanship and wood of the instrument creates a wonderful 'look and feel' effect and haptic interactions. It is a joy and pleasure to work with this instrument.

I use the Monolini Quiten monochord in my treatments receptive and /or active  depending of the needs of my clients.  

The instrument is robust enough to allow my clients to actively play the monochord and create sounds that are deeply touching. The different strings allows the client to play a diversified and surprisingly multifaceted sound carpet. If you add little wooden sticks you can add even more variety, improvisation and sounds.

 I also use the Monolin Quitenmonochord with Sound journeys, sound meditations, therapeutical chanting and singing. The Monlini Quitenmonochors is a truly small and strong Allrounder.”


SOLUNA Praxis für Massage-Klang-Heilung

Petra Rusche

27801 Dötlingen