USA ONLY :SPECIAL Single Sided Concert Monochord 15% off

by feeltone
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Brand New in Original Box - we ordered one to many:) Safe 15% can be shipped from our office here in the Bay area.

Only available for USA customers.

The Concert monochord can be played as solo instrument or accompaniment.
It has 30 strings single-sided: 20 overtone strings tuned in c, and each 5 strings tuned in octave and fifth (C and G).
You can chose to include 8 bridges to be able to tune a melody scale. 
This monochord is played laying flat on the surface, other versions of the larger monochords are available, that allow you to play the monochord standing upright.

  • Material: cherry and ash.
  • Size: 53 x 12 x 4“
  • Accessories: Including tuning key, tuner, replacement strings, a tuning pattern and 8 bridges.

Recommendation: The Concert Monochord is suited to play for meditation, to accompany overtone singing or, using 8 bridges, to even bring in melody