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Meditation & Kotamo Concert Monochords

Hokema Kalimbas & Sansulas

Monolini & Monolina

Therapy Mononochord

The original Soundwave, since 2003

XXL Bass Tongue

Monochord Table height adjustable

Mapipo - The Singing Dolphin

Economical Ash Soundwave

Zenko Drums

Metal Sound

From Monochords to Tongue Drums:

   35 years of High Qualtity handmade Music Instruments, made in Germany

Natural Acoustic Musical Instruments,

for Therapists, Musicians and People that just want to make music and play.


No electromagnetic fields INVOLVED

USA distribution : feeltoneusa - Gabriele Schwibach

From Monochords to Tongue Drums - building Music instruments since 1980

  Ingo Boehme is the owner of Boehme Music and the designer and music instrument builder behind the feeltone line and has been building music instrument since 1983 in Germany.

Since 2012 Ingo Boehme and his team, relocated to the little village of Pulow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany. A network of musicians, craftsmen and artist are living in this area and are activley engaged in building sustainable communities.

Our commitment to sustainability has led us to redesign our whole line of feeltone instrument to only use sustainable harvest timbers in our new workshop. Where we build our instrument with love, traditional wood craftsmanship and reasonable engineering by hand in small batches.

Our main line are Wooden Tongue Drums and Monochords or Sound Objects like the Soundwave, Singing Chair or the Monochord Table.

Our Instruments and sound objects can be used in many ways:

▶ for creating, experiencing, and feeling sounds and music,

▶ for sound massage,

▶ for sound therapy,

▶ for the use in sound pedagogy.

▶ for Musicians and Performer

Our team is constantly working with people in the field of wellness, body therapy and soundhealing worldwide to hone our instruments and develop and offer trainings for them.

We at feeltone want to continue to be on the cutting edge of the production of natural acoustic Sound Instruments, that are complex enough for experienced therapist and at the same time simple to use so they can be used intuitively by individuals too.

All USA orders are handled by feeltoneUSA

We dropship all of your orders directly from germany to your doorstep.

Feeltoneusa takes care about all the details of the shipment: insurrance, custom fees, custom papers, delivery exceptions etc.  and makes sure the instrument gets delivered to your doorstep.

After the delivery feeltoneusa is there for you to support you to get started with your instrument

( phone or skype sessions available for free) and any warranty questions you might have.

We will only charge you the  actual incurring shipping costs. The costs can fluctuate depending on where you live ( east or westcoast and how far you do live from a fedex hub).


USA distribution of the feeltone line

Gabriele Schwibach

PO Box 690 Woodacre CA 94973

Tel: 707-972-0196

What's New?

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      Level I Workshop: The Secret of the Monochord  

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-- Monolina & Monolini now in 4 Tunings C,A,F,D

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